P2P File Sharing


File sharing is the sharing or exchanging of files between two people to digitally stored information using world wide web, manual sharing, removable media, or centralized servers. In simple words, File sharing is giving access to digital information, such as images, video, music, computer programs or documents.  P2P File sharing is an advancement on File Sharing on a larger scale.

P2P stands for peer to peer which works by a system of Seeders and Leechers. They use this software to trade files like images, videos, music, or movies over the internet. Most of the movies that just came out or song that’s new are already available on the internet for free of cost and it’s illegal to download through a P2P software. Simplest example for P2P file sharing is music. In an article ‘Legal and Copyright Issues of P2P File Sharing’ by Barbara J. Fieldman shine the light on how music is the most downloaded by people illegally. She said, “The music that most people are downloading or uploading on the P2P file sharing networks are most likely copyrighted by the musicians, production companies or other creative artists themselves. When you are giving or getting the music files without paying for them you are most likely breaking copyright laws unless you have specifically asked the musicians for the copyrights of those songs.” P2P file sharing is not only limited to music sharing but also to shows, books, movies, files, legal documents, and many more.  It is not only illegal to share such information but also unethical too.


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