Importance of privacy is determined by what we think about privacy itself. Almost everyone has their own opinion about privacy and it has several meanings but the most general is freedom of expression, power, right to how much information they want to share,  who they share with and how that information is used.  According to me, privacy is important in almost all aspects of our life whether it comes to protect our personal information, personal relationships, personal freedom, dignity or power. A lot of our personal information such as phone calls, emails, messages, internet surfing, social networking history, medical records, financial records, criminal records, is collected by organizations and the more someone knows about us, the more power they can have over us. The release of sensitive personal information in wrong hands can lead to anything from discrimination, harassment, and blackmail. Privacy in personal relationships is an essential prerequisite to form any relationship. We always reveal our personal information with an assurance that they will keep it private and won’t tell anyone else.

I believe everyone has right and freedom to live his or her life the way they want it. If a person wants to keep something private, we should respect person’s choice but if the wish for privacy conflict with important values, privacy have to be neglected.  Social site like Venmo really threaten our privacy. On one side, we want to protect our personal information and personal relationships so that no one can misuse it and on the other side we are advertising our life on social media. By posting your personal information online you destroy privacy in relationships. Some people think that it’s no big deal to tell everything about life and others like to be more private. I understand that its person’s freedom to come open about his or her life and they are free to tell everything from personal experience to any sad moment in life online. Sometimes people put extremely personal things on the net, things they would never expose in person. The most fundamental things in any relationship are privacy, trust, love, respect and by showing such personal things has no privacy. Knowing that your every word, thought, actions is being seen by thousands of strangers makes everyone think twice before acting and lose freedom to be themselves. We live our lives as a member of society, which include families, friends, employers, co-workers and we have morals to consider.


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