Next New

Nowadays, we are already occupied by so many new technologies around us that it’s hard to think about a new type of media that bring change. However, Like Facebook is a social networking site where we have 1.67 billion active users till April 2016 and you can connect to anyone across the world what I think would be very interesting if we have something like that all collaborated in one and as big as Facebook that is only for education and learning perspective that is all educational tools in one place where people share information they know or about any event and educate themselves. It would be great if we have webinars on those particular site so people can get field experience. I personally think that kind of website would be super beneficial to all of us.


2 thoughts on “Next New

  1. I think this is a great idea! It would be like having a a giant classroom with the world. It would be interesting to be able to talk to other students in other countries and learn from their life experiences.

  2. I was considering what the next new media is, but you have a different view! I partially agree with you. It would be high of opportunity cost to transfer to another social media instead of Facebook. However, Someday new social media will be shown up, and Facebook might be treated like it’s the social media of the old.

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