Social Networking Sites

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4 of the biggest social media which I’ll use to compare my impressions are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook is a social networking site which is used for connecting people by adding family, friends, coworkers etc. It’s a good social site to bring people from all over the world together, especially people who live far away from us. It allows you to post/share status updates, photos, and videos. You can check in anywhere to let people know where you at and what you doing. It has different emoji to express what you feeling at that moment. You can privately message people or publicly post anything on their wall and tag people in pictures and videos. Friends can “like” or comment on these posts. There are so many information pages which you can like and follow easily such as education, health etc.


Twitter is a social networking site where users can “tweet” up to 140 characters. Twitter is now one the fastest sources for information with constant updates about anything from news, sports, education, health, celebrity gossip etc. Twitter is constantly being updated. What I find the most interesting thing in the Twitter is how rapid and scan-friendly it is and how easy it is track hundreds of interesting tweeters, and read their content with a glance


Instagram is a photo/video sharing app that can be used on any electronic device. Users can set their profiles to be public or private depending on what they want. I found Instagram easier than Facebook as you just have to open Instagram and click picture. What makes it more enjoyable is variety of photo editing effects. Moreover, lots of celebrities are on Instagram which make the Instagram feed interesting. People tag each other on pictures and posts and can also like and comment.


LinkedIn is a professional site more towards business social networking. It’s a career focused social website where you can find a job, connect with potential business people. Before, employees used to go to employers but with the help of LinkedIn, Employers search for potential employees and reach out to them. It’s another way to expand your networking and build professional relationship. I find this website very useful and very easy and clear to follow.



One thought on “Social Networking Sites

  1. Great blog post, I also believe that the website LinkedIn is very useful for individuals to find jobs. It is a more professional website unlike Facebook, twitter, and instagram for example. I find all of these social medias very interesting and also entertaining!

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