Blog v Wiki

Blogs and wikis are two types of new media technology. Before I get into detail, I would like to describe each in brief. Blogs is an abbreviated version of Weblog, which is a term used to describe website made up of a series of posts. Basically, a blog is a lot like an online journal or diary. It’s more on a personal level, where posts are made by the blog’s author only and other readers can comment on it. On the other hand, according to Wikipedia it is a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. It is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy, called wiki. Basically, Wikis allow multiple users to create, modify and organize webpages in a collaborative manner. It is a platform for everyone to update in real time. Both blogs and wikis are two great forms of communication and both allow people to share their thoughts and opinions. Even though both technologies act as medium for communication, a blog is one person’s view whereas a wiki is a team collaboration on any specific issue or topic.

Converging is important in today’s interacted world. With today’s technology the world has become more and more globalized and converged. An article, “Blogs and Wikis in the Business world” written by John K. Waters briefly described how we can benefit in our business by blogs and wikis. He started his article by explaining the most obvious benefit we can get from a blog and that is its ability to communicate a corporate position or message to the public. He gave us an example of Microsoft to show us how they use its blogs to provide tips and technical information to its customers, to answer customer questions and to host conversations among product users which showed us that this kind of information about how public sees its product and services can be very valuable to the company. On the other hand, Corporate wikis can provide project teams with a highly flexible medium for internal collaboration and document management. In this article, blogs and wikis are used to collaborate with different multiple users which is a perfect example of convergence, as many people are inputting their opinions.

Blogs can be used for collaboration because in this way more people would share their ideas, would have more opinions, more comments and more to discuss to which again brings up diversity as factor. Vivek Krishanan in his article, “How Blogs are Being Used for Effective Education,” told us how blogs are a useful tool for communication and it create wonderful learning environment for students which highly motivate them. Blogs have proved to be an effective forum for discussion and collaboration.

Wikis are used in so many field now like education, work, politics, entertainment and many more. One way I think we should expand wikis into the field of medicine so that everyone like doctors, researchers etc can collect knowledge.



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