P2P File Sharing


File sharing is the sharing or exchanging of files between two people to digitally stored information using world wide web, manual sharing, removable media, or centralized servers. In simple words, File sharing is giving access to digital information, such as images, video, music, computer programs or documents.  P2P File sharing is an advancement on File Sharing on a larger scale.

P2P stands for peer to peer which works by a system of Seeders and Leechers. They use this software to trade files like images, videos, music, or movies over the internet. Most of the movies that just came out or song that’s new are already available on the internet for free of cost and it’s illegal to download through a P2P software. Simplest example for P2P file sharing is music. In an article ‘Legal and Copyright Issues of P2P File Sharing’ by Barbara J. Fieldman shine the light on how music is the most downloaded by people illegally. She said, “The music that most people are downloading or uploading on the P2P file sharing networks are most likely copyrighted by the musicians, production companies or other creative artists themselves. When you are giving or getting the music files without paying for them you are most likely breaking copyright laws unless you have specifically asked the musicians for the copyrights of those songs.” P2P file sharing is not only limited to music sharing but also to shows, books, movies, files, legal documents, and many more.  It is not only illegal to share such information but also unethical too.


Next New

Nowadays, we are already occupied by so many new technologies around us that it’s hard to think about a new type of media that bring change. However, Like Facebook is a social networking site where we have 1.67 billion active users till April 2016 and you can connect to anyone across the world what I think would be very interesting if we have something like that all collaborated in one and as big as Facebook that is only for education and learning perspective that is all educational tools in one place where people share information they know or about any event and educate themselves. It would be great if we have webinars on those particular site so people can get field experience. I personally think that kind of website would be super beneficial to all of us.

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Importance of privacy is determined by what we think about privacy itself. Almost everyone has their own opinion about privacy and it has several meanings but the most general is freedom of expression, power, right to how much information they want to share,  who they share with and how that information is used.  According to me, privacy is important in almost all aspects of our life whether it comes to protect our personal information, personal relationships, personal freedom, dignity or power. A lot of our personal information such as phone calls, emails, messages, internet surfing, social networking history, medical records, financial records, criminal records, is collected by organizations and the more someone knows about us, the more power they can have over us. The release of sensitive personal information in wrong hands can lead to anything from discrimination, harassment, and blackmail. Privacy in personal relationships is an essential prerequisite to form any relationship. We always reveal our personal information with an assurance that they will keep it private and won’t tell anyone else.

I believe everyone has right and freedom to live his or her life the way they want it. If a person wants to keep something private, we should respect person’s choice but if the wish for privacy conflict with important values, privacy have to be neglected.  Social site like Venmo really threaten our privacy. On one side, we want to protect our personal information and personal relationships so that no one can misuse it and on the other side we are advertising our life on social media. By posting your personal information online you destroy privacy in relationships. Some people think that it’s no big deal to tell everything about life and others like to be more private. I understand that its person’s freedom to come open about his or her life and they are free to tell everything from personal experience to any sad moment in life online. Sometimes people put extremely personal things on the net, things they would never expose in person. The most fundamental things in any relationship are privacy, trust, love, respect and by showing such personal things has no privacy. Knowing that your every word, thought, actions is being seen by thousands of strangers makes everyone think twice before acting and lose freedom to be themselves. We live our lives as a member of society, which include families, friends, employers, co-workers and we have morals to consider.

Creativity and New Media

I decided to create an avatar on second life. It was very interesting and fun to see and use. I went to Haven dale Village and visit different places there.

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We use new media such as smartphones, iPad, laptops, or any other electronic gadgets to create anything. In my opinion, two words ‘New Media’ and ‘creativity’ should always come together. By using any electronic device people come up with extraordinary ideas to create incredible things. For example, let’s talk about a simple photograph. There are so many ways today you can change a simple photograph to anything you want. You can create photo collage, cut any pictures to anything, add any stickers or add any text to any simple photograph which is all thanks to new media and of course creative ideas of a person. Another example of creativity is Virtual worlds or Second life where users are able to make an avatar of themselves and do what they want to do in real life or don’t get chance to do. It allows users to create pretty much anything that one’s mind comes up in your mind and go anywhere in the world.

In the article “LinkedIn: 81% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use Social Media” by Kurt Wagner, it talk about how social media is important about the growth of any company and how they use media to release their product. It says, “Of the hyper growth companies surveyed (about 16% of the entire group), 91% said social media helped “increase awareness” of their brand, while 82% said it helped them generate “new leads.” Nearly three quarters of the hyper growth companies increased their social media budgets last year.”

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Modeling Reality With Virtual Worlds

What are virtual worlds? Virtual World is a computer based program created by its online users. It allows users create virtual versions of themselves, usually called avatars. Avatars can do anything from meet other people, go shopping, anything that individuals do daily or anything they don’t get time to do. Some people who are not familiar with the concept of virtual world think of them as video games, but the difference between games and virtual worlds is that games are created with a story while Virtual World do not have any story. It is basically a model that represents a reality. The most well-known example of this is ‘Second Life’ in which people create an avatar of themselves like the way they want to be and do what they want to do in real life and don’t get time to do so.

There are many different ways a virtual world can be used. Virtual worlds can be used for personal, educational, and professional field. In an article, “5 ways virtual reality will change education” written by Kate Abrosimova shows that virtual reality is yet another way that technology is expanding education and increasing the resources available to students. It shows that the things which are not possible in real life is possible in virtual reality. As virtual education expert Inge Knudsen said, “My current project involves safety on a building site. I have created a virtual building site with many safety issues. Students can walk around in the virtual environment and take pictures of places that are not safe. This is a case that is not possible in real life and therefore highly suited for virtual worlds.” Moreover, Second Life had been used to train medical and nursing students in clinical skills and cases they may face in real life. Virtual world let you choose to live the luxurious life you always wanted or do the things you were afraid to do in real life. It also proves freedom of expression through the avatar they have created.

However, a main concern about the virtual world is that some people spend an enormous amount of time on their virtual life that confused themselves of what they have and don’t have when compared to reality. Individuals may be more attracted to the virtual world which may cause them to detach themselves more from reality. Lastly, I believe depending on what the individual do on the virtual world, the individual may feel unimportant in real life which may lead to destructive actions.

In my opinion, due to the rapid advancements in technologies, the future of virtual world will flourish. The virtual world or second life serves different purposes in each individual’s life. It can be a simple recreational activity, or act as a motivational stimulator. According to an article written by Claudia Wilopo “Virtual Reality is Finally, Really, the Next Big Thing”  described that it is more appealing for the users to exercise their creativity in the virtual world which allows them to have everything that they ever wanted in one area.  The Oculus website says, “we believe communication drives new platforms; we want to contribute to a more open, connected world; and we both [Facebook and Oculus] see virtual reality as the next step.”

Social Networking Sites

IMG_3240 (1)

4 of the biggest social media which I’ll use to compare my impressions are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook is a social networking site which is used for connecting people by adding family, friends, coworkers etc. It’s a good social site to bring people from all over the world together, especially people who live far away from us. It allows you to post/share status updates, photos, and videos. You can check in anywhere to let people know where you at and what you doing. It has different emoji to express what you feeling at that moment. You can privately message people or publicly post anything on their wall and tag people in pictures and videos. Friends can “like” or comment on these posts. There are so many information pages which you can like and follow easily such as education, health etc.


Twitter is a social networking site where users can “tweet” up to 140 characters. Twitter is now one the fastest sources for information with constant updates about anything from news, sports, education, health, celebrity gossip etc. Twitter is constantly being updated. What I find the most interesting thing in the Twitter is how rapid and scan-friendly it is and how easy it is track hundreds of interesting tweeters, and read their content with a glance


Instagram is a photo/video sharing app that can be used on any electronic device. Users can set their profiles to be public or private depending on what they want. I found Instagram easier than Facebook as you just have to open Instagram and click picture. What makes it more enjoyable is variety of photo editing effects. Moreover, lots of celebrities are on Instagram which make the Instagram feed interesting. People tag each other on pictures and posts and can also like and comment.


LinkedIn is a professional site more towards business social networking. It’s a career focused social website where you can find a job, connect with potential business people. Before, employees used to go to employers but with the help of LinkedIn, Employers search for potential employees and reach out to them. It’s another way to expand your networking and build professional relationship. I find this website very useful and very easy and clear to follow.


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